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Black Angus Beef by

Homewood Farm, LLC


After recognizing almost a decade ago, the difficulties faced in obtaining and containing farm fresh beef, it became our mission to develop a local cattle program designed to produce quality rich Black Angus beef to feed our families and yours, our neighbors and friends, our community. Having the physical resources in land and facility and a meticulous Registered Black Angus herd, Homewood Farm, LLC was born.

During the development process, it became clear that the average family could not sustain the dollar amount nor the storage issue that purchasing farm fresh beef direct from a local farmer mandated. Therefore, a solution was created by developing a subscription pricing program that allows average families not only to purchase but to take delivery of the beef over time so that there is no issue with storage.

Keeping humane practices in mind, the cattle on Homewood Farm live out on nutrient-dense green pastures, supplemented with hay in colder months and are grained every day. The beef is hormone and antibiotic free! Gone are the days in which you have to find 2-3 other families to divide up one beef cow. Gone are the days that you have nowhere to store all of your fresh local beef. And gone are the days that you have to deplete your bank account to feed your family local and humanely raised beef.


With a subscription pricing program that fits just about any budget, let us Homewood Farm, LLC provide your local beef…

fresh from our farm to your family!


Phone:  703-300-6043

23318 Foxcroft Road
Middleburg, Virginia  20117